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An exciting new branch of ElliTe Studios is coming to ROAR Rotherham from Monday 20th April 2020. 

Mondays 4pm - 4.45pm: Tots 1 Dance (age 3-4), £5.75

Mondays 4.45pm - 5.45pm: Tots 2 Dance (age 5-6), £6.75


Ballet, Modern and fun dancing to Disney / children's pop music and with props, + Tap dancing for age 5-6


Venue: Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance, Westgate Chambers, 5 Westgate, Rotherham, S60 1AN 



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Our Tots dance classes are a fabulous mix of Ballet, Modern and fun dancing to Disney / children's pop music and with props (+ Tap for age 5-6). Classes aim to provide a firm foundation in preparation for more technical training and dance exams. 


The dance curriculum aims to capture and nurture young children’s instinctive joy of movement and freedom of expression. It is designed to enable children to participate in dance activities that are developmentally appropriate, helping to facilitate the learning of dance skills at a later age. The goals of this curriculum are:

To enhance children's movement abilities and physical fitness

To aid children in becoming physically and spatially aware

To stimulate children's listening skills

To encourage children to move expressively

To build children's confidence and self-esteem

To encourage children to become co-operative and social

Also at this level, where appropriate, some basic technical ballet steps are also learned and the use of mime helps to inspire the children - 'witches' and 'night time in the zoo' for example. Props such as pom poms, ribbons, wands, flags and scarves can be used to help develop co-ordination and natural movement.



Primary modern is based on the concepts of play, but develops musicality, posture, strength, co-ordination and natural movements. Candidates are assessed on their ability to show: technical accuracy with correct placement to the best of their physical facility, a sense of line and well coordinated movements, an assured performance showing the different qualities, musicality and rhythmic awareness.


Children are taught the basic taps, beats, digs, shuffles, and  stamps. A sense of rhythm and timing is developed. Co-ordination, posture and use of line are encouraged alongside improvisation skills - all with a heavy emphasis on fun. Children have a great time exploring sounds and movements.


To enrol email or call 07908 808696.

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